Wednesday, 29 December 2010

News time

News time, children!

My blogging activity might be low recently, but there are two news worth mentioning.

Fisrt, the repository move. I've been trying Mercurial for some time. It's time to admit I like it. I you are interested in following the code I write, from now on you'll have to look at my Mercurial repository at Bitbucket.

I know that Google Code has Mercurial support, but I simply preferred to go to another site. One advantage of using a distributed version control system is that I can move hosts any time I want, without loosing anything. Anyways, my experience with Bitbucket has been very good so far.

Second and last, my blog url has changed. You might already have noticed, but you're now at

Thanks for listening! And now, some music.

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